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dsass is a musical duo that takes life experiences or lessons learned and converts them into raw, stripped down versions of musical emotion. The goal is for listeners to hear and feel a dsass performance. The combination of guitar, percussion and blade tight harmonies enables dsass to better connect their audience to a song. Life is full of music! dsass makes it easy to enjoy the ride.

Monday, August 29, 2011

warrior dash

we hope everyone had a good weekend, we know we did! due to the weather we didnt leaving for warrior fest until saturday morning. but the weather was beautiful and everyone was ready to race. saturday night we played a little while for a small audience. heres a few pictures to show you how our weekend went!

dont forget to check out all the links to your right. d-sass posted new music last week! and dont forget to LIKE dsass on facebook!

also, just a little reminder that d-sass will be kicking off SPARKcon on September 15th at Sadlacks Heros on Hillsborough street in Raleigh across from the bell tower. d-sass will be the headlinder so be there by 7:30PM.
if you've never heard of SPARKcon, click the link above!

here is just a preview of warrior dash. check our flickr for all the pictures !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

d-sass would like to thank our friend Scott Richer on youtube! he added our video to his "mellow mix" playlist! check him out and send him a big thanks for supporting us!

we appreciate all of our supporters! as soon as we hit 100 LIKES on facebook we will be posting new music for you guys!

also, dsass will be playing at Warrior Dash on saturday!

you can find the address at the link above! see you guys there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

d-sass would like to say thank you to all of our supporters. we like to stay connected with our fans, therefore we have decided on a blog to keep you updated and to link you to all of the other d-sass websites. this blog will keep you up to date on all the new music, new videos, when and where you can catch d-sass playing a show, and show you behind the scenes photos and videos. 

to the right you will find the numerous links that will connect you to d-sass! we can never have too many, right? don't forget to LIKE d-sass on facebook, FOLLOW d-sass on twitter, and WATCH d-sass on youtube. Once d-sass has 100 likes on facebook, we will be able to post 4 new songs that you can stream right through our websites! so help us reach our goal of 100 ( or of course more! ) likes on facebook.

thank you again for all of your support.
here is a rough draft of something we are putting together to spread the word! tell us what you think.